Gone are they days of standard four-walls-and-a-roof dog houses, and thank goodness for that.

Today’s dog house models are as unique as you and your pooch, and are built to suit your targeted needs and concerns as well.

Climate, region, and space allowance all play a part in your dog’s outside abode, as well as your dog’s size, age, and health. Surely you want a dog house that takes all these needs into consideration, in order to keep your furry family member looking and feeling good all year round?

The best dog house designs are built to last, no matter the season or wear and tear. Even better, they’re built to compliment your own home. After all, your dog’s house is an addition to your own, and should reflect all that you value and take joy in. Nothing beats the loyalty and companionship of a loving dog, and your dog deserves the best you can provide in return. Starting from the floor up, we can construct your canine companion’s digs according to his–and of course your–style standards.

Milled timber and stucco siding, thatched roofing and classic shingles–these are just the beginning when it comes to ideas worth considering. Once you’ve selected the materials you can set to work building your dream dog house.

No family is truly complete without a loyal, loving dog, and the same can be said of your house. Building the best miniature residency alongside your own lets the world know your dog isn’t just a temporary guest.



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